January 31, 2014

Kacang – Food Design

‘Candied Satay’

What is Food Design?

“Kacang” pronounced (kah-chung) is a Malay or Indonesian word loosely translating to bean, nut or in this case peanut.  As peanut is the main ingredient in Satay Sauce, so this story begins…

This design is really all about me, it follows my passion.  It was out of the norm in terms of the ‘syllabus’ at CIT & I know it really challenged the lecturers, because it was NOT  lighting, a remote control or a chair.

The design process for this experiment, was exactly the same, I still had to research, I had to develop ideas, I had to create mockups & trial & test recipes, I looked at mold making & packaging, & this is what I came up with.

‘Kacang Candied Satay’  The idea was to take a traditional family recipe, & create something new.  As a result the flavour is a savoury candy.  At first you taste salt & lime, then as the candy dissolves, layers of peanut, shrimp & sugar appear then the final layer of flavour is the spice.  Small candied pyramids are  crunchy & full of unexpected flavour.

Nostalgically the smell of Satay reminds me of my childhood, & this is one of the reasons I developed this idea.  The process starts out with the satay sauce recipe handed down to me by my father.  I had to really soup up the flavours in the sauce, to make them concentrated.  After reducing the sauce, I dehydrated it over night & blitzed it in a Thermomix to create a powdered satay.  Then after much experimentation I used a hard candy recipe using Isomalt.  Following precise temperatures I then used the powdered satay to flavour the candy & poured the hot gooey candy into pyramid molds.  Finally I created a salt, lime & isomalt rub with Maltodextrin to enhance the flavour layering.

The results & Food Design Development can be seen in the gallery of pics.  I have always been motivated by food.  My greatest inspiration is Food & Design, romantically I would love to work in the industry of Food Design.

A special thanks to Chef Dan from Cocktail Gastronomy for his guidance & the remaining owners for letting me use the CG kitchen.

Check out my Portfolio Page for more images.