Perth based Industrial designer Wongbrother Designs, showcases some of his upcoming & completed works from his personal portfolio.  A recent third year Graduate from Central Institute of Technology Perth.

3D Hat Rack The 3D Hat Rack evolved from what was a personal problem of mine. The problem was that after many years of collecting hats & caps, I simply ran out of space & had no where to put them. Originally the target market for this product was hat collectors. Selfishly I also wanted […]

Element Photography Signage Project A collaboration between Perth Based Element Photography & Wongbrother Designs. This is my first client driven project, with a real brief. I was approached by Element Photography to create signage. The signage was for the photographers to use at weddings & events, as a display stand & to be used as promotional […]

The American Whiskey Collection Glassware Concept Design The American Whiskey Collection, is a concept design I came up with as a final project for my Folio.  All  images are renders & this product has not been made or manufactured as of yet. Inspiration for this design came from my love of American Whiskey, well to […]

Kacang – Food Design ‘Candied Satay’ What is Food Design? “Kacang” pronounced (kah-chung) is a Malay or Indonesian word loosely translating to bean, nut or in this case peanut.  As peanut is the main ingredient in Satay Sauce, so this story begins… This design is really all about me, it follows my passion.  It was […]

Holo Night Light. The Holo Mirror – Night Light a creation by Wongbrother Designs. Targeted towards kids & kidults this interactive night light is designed to stimulate the senses. The main purpose of the light is to softly create a modern blue hue in a darkened room. Specifically to Illuminate in the back- ground of […]

Blossom Table – Flat Packable The Blossom Table was created by Wongbrother Designs as a first year project at the Central Institute of Technology Perth.  After receiving much positive feedback from this table design, it was advised to enter this into Vivid Furniture Exhibition at Furnitex 2012.  Since then it has exhibited at 3D Now Perth & […]

Soundproof Sandwich – Room Divider The Soundproof Sandwich was created by Wongbrother Designs as a second year project at the Central Institute of Technology Perth.  The initial project was to be themed on ‘Australis’.  A non lineal direction was taken after sampling sounds that represented Australia, from this the idea for a sound absorbing room […]